Thrift Tips 002: Buying Shorts

Hello, hello everyone. I was very inspired last night to DIY my shorts from Goodwill. I stayed up til 12:30am to finish them and now I absolutely love them! Making the shorts inspired me to post a blog about how to find shorts at thrift stores. I have had people ask me to help them find shorts at thrift stores as well as had a hard time searching and finding shorts that fit me at thrift stores especially high-waisted ones.
These are my favorite shorts from Goodwill. They are Calvin Klein’s and I only paid $1.49 for them.
I just DIYed them last night, and plan to do more shorts like this, so be on the lookout for a video on how to distress shorts.
Tip: Ignore all sizes.
It’s weird and you never want to look in sizes higher than what you are. Trust me, sometimes if I think I have to go up a size I don’t even want that item anymore. But at thrift stores a lot of the pieces especially shorts are vintage meaning they are from years and years ago, and years and years ago their sizing was different. That being said just try to ignore what size you are looking in, and go through them all. You never know what might fit, and some shorts might be misplaced or mis-sized.
Personal Example:  
I am a size 6 or 8 (jeans) in normal stores (A&F, American Eagle), but the Calvin Klein high-waisted shorts I bought at Goodwill are a size 11 (pictured above).
Tip: Try on everything you think might fit.
To find the perfect fitting shorts at a thrift store especially high-waisted ones you are going to need to try on about a bazillion pairs to find one that is perfect. In my opinion, though, that is what makes thrifting so much fun; it’s like finding buried treasure.
Personal Example:
One GW shopping trip I tried on literally at least 10 pairs of shorts, and did not find a single one that fit me good or that I liked. Another time I tried on 1 pair I found in the $1.49 bin, and they are my favorite shorts of all time; they fit like a glove (pictured above).
I hope you enjoyed them blog post.
Thanks for visiting,
Hope to see you soon.


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  1. Oh Baby! Looking Pretty!

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