Fashion News & Summerfest Outfits

My dad was watching the news when I arrived home for dinner break from work, and I heard an advertisements for a portion of upcoming news about skinny jeans and health risks. Of course I waited and waited to hear the 10 second news case about it…
Apparently wearing your skinny jeans too tight can cause damage to a nerve in your upper thigh. It’s a very small nerve; therefore, easily damaged. If the nerve is damaged it can cause tingling in your thigh. The doctor that was briefly shown said to stay away from jeans that are uncomfortably tight and he also recommends avoiding skinny jeans with high heels.
Not sure if I’ll be following Dr’s orders this time.
I thought you all would enjoy hearing that little story about my day, and now I have 2 outfits from a music festival I went to with my boyfriend about a week and a half ago. We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights and took a mini vacation. The first 2 days were spent and the festival and the third day we went shopping (nothing special, but I will show you a picture of what I bought at the bottom of the page).
Outfit 001

The first day of the festival we were just walking around so I wanted to dress cute, but still comfortable. I love these leather shorts; they are very comfortable and versatile.
I paired them with a baggy top and tucked it it in order to still keep my figure.
Out Details
Top: TJMaxx
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Thrifted $3
Bracelet: Love 21
Outfit 002

I definitely want to do a vlog about the company that made this tank. I bought it the first day I went to the music festival and fell in love with their booth and everything they were selling.
My mom also bought me a unique necklace from them I will show you in the video.

My boyfriend and I waited to see Sublime with Rome (one of my favorite bands) for 6+ hours. I knew we would be waiting most of the day so I wanted to dress extra comfortable.
I’ve had these shorts for 3 summers I mainly only wear them on lazy days, but I thought they would be perfect for this casual outfit paired with a simple tank.
I also brought a red cardigan to wear when it got cold out at night.

This is the Coach bag I thrifted for less than $20.

Outfit Details
Top: Love Nail Tree
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Now, here the 2 items I bought while shopping.
H&M Top: $12.95

Aldo Flats: $34.99
(Video will be coming soon)
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