Outfit of the Day: Mixing Patterns

Hello all. Today’s post will be just of my outfit. I didn’t do much today, but film videos and have a relaxing day. I have been working like crazy lately and had my first day off in a week, and tomorrow I will be working another 7 days in a row.
I’m mostly trying to save for college expenses, but I’m also hoping to buy myself a pair of disco pants at the end of the summer. If I do get them (there is always the fact that I might not like the way they fit) I will definitely be doing a review/styling of them.
Anyway back to today. I filmed 3 videos that will be periodically uploaded within the next week or so. I do apologize in advance for wearing the same outfit (the one featured today) in the 3 videos.
I hope you enjoy today’s outfit, and here it is…
 These shorts are a DIY project I did in the beginning of summer. They were long (very ugly I might add) carpi’s. They were pretty much the same width from the thighs down.
A tip if your looking for pants to make into shorts is don’t worry if the length is too long or anything. All that matters is that the shorts fit your waist and thighs since you will be cutting off everything else.

A tip for mixing patterns is make sure your working with the same color pallet, and one print is bigger than the other.
Outfit Details
Tank: Pacsun
Bandeau (worn underneath): Rue 21- $3
Shorts (pants into shorts): Goodwill- $4
Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: St. Vinny $3
Hope you enjoyed this post, see ya soon.


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