Princess Vera Wang

Hello. Today I have some very exciting news for everyone!
I just received my Teen Vogue magazine in the mail yesterday, and I was happy to learn Kohl’s is introducing a new Vera Wang line. Now if you don’t already know, I love Kohl’s and I especially love Vera Wang. I adore her line at Kohl’s as well as her collections outside of Kohl’s.
Anyway back to the new line called Princess. It will be up on the website July 9th which is in only 9 days!! From the magazine article and the advertisement in the magazine it looks as though some clothes will be in store the same day or around that time, and then more will be coming in future months (August, September) until it is completely out.
Here is the link of the Kohl’s website where you can preview the collection, Princess Vera Wang.
You should also check out the Teen Vogue magazine where they have a few pages of advertisements, an article about the new line (with one of her daughters as the model), and also some of the clothes are styled in the fashion shoots toward the back of the magazine.
My favorite piece I saw in the magazine article is the pink polka dot pants. I will most definitely be purchasing those when they come out. I’m looking forward to shopping the new collection and doing a haul/review for you.
I hope you are excited as I am about the new line, and enjoyed the post.
Thanks for visiting.

2 responses to “Princess Vera Wang

  1. omgosh! this new line is my fav! and so is that magazine! loev your blog!(:

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