DIY Day: Jeans into Shorts

Hello, Hello. Today I want to show how to cut off pants into shorts. I’m really into high-waisted anything right now, and I find the best high-waisted shorts (being summer) are found in the pants section at Goodwill.
They sell a ton of what you might call the “mom” jean, and cut off they make the perfect short!
Again I didn’t film it because I thought it could be explained just as easy in pictures.
What you’ll need:
The “mom” jean, or just any pair of jeans you want to make into shorts
pair of shorts you like/wear now
Step 1
Lay the pair of pants down on a flat surface.
Step 2
Lay the pair of shorts that you like over the top of you pants.
Step 3
Cut your pants about the length of the shorts you like.
I always go about an inch longer just to be safe. You can always cut something shorter, but you can’t go back if you cut it too short.
Step 4
Fold your pants over, and cut the other leg at the same length you did the other.
Final product, now try to try them on.
Step 5
Make sure they are the right length by trying them on either by rolling them or cutting more off.
Here’s another pair of pants I cut into shorts.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, and it inspired you to make some shorts.
Let me know how it goes.

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