Video Pictures & Trends

I meant to put them up earlier this week but I’ve been very busy,anyways finally the pictures from the video are here
Hope you enjoy
Velvet leggings are very on trend right now.
I paired them with a black flowy top to really show them off, and by keeping everything else in the outfit black you really notice the texture of the leggings.
It was her idea to wear red lipstick with this outfit, which totally brings the outfit together.

I know everyone is wondering where she got those shoes right?
Thrift Store! and she had a coupon.
Any type of chunky shoe is going to be hot this spring and summer.
 These black ones were be fab paired with a night time summer look.
I love this look; its causal but super cute and perfect for school.
This blazer/blouse has the one staple that you should always look for when buying a top layer.
It has a defined waist. Even though this one is only on the back it’s still giving her an hourglass figure.
When your pairing a jacket/blouse over a top you can either pull colors so they match, or pick a totally different color just make sure it goes.
Here’s the final velvet look. I decided to pair the velvet tank with the another texture, leather.
When pairing two textures keep both textures the same color to really makes them pop.
The colors in this outfit don’t really match, but they go.
Everything is bright, and within the same color tone of pink.

If you want to make this a school outfit or are just not a heal wearer, change the heels for some nude flats.
We wanted to go back to woodstock, when she put this outfit on.
Pairing a chocker necklace with a button up collared shirt is very trendy right now.

I paired the plain high waisted shorts with this top to keep your focus on the shirt otherwise the outfit would be too busy.
Keep the pieces plain if your going to pair two bright colors together that don’t relate with any hing else if your outfit.
These nude heels have been at Kohl’s for over a year now.
Nude is a color that is here to stay especially in shoes because it goes with everything in any season.
Again I pulled a color from the dress for the jacket and shoes.
Cropped jackets and blazers look fab paired with dresses, rompers, or high waisted anything.

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