Mini Fashion Obsession

I just have a mini blog for you tonight.
I just subscribed to Elle magazine, and I was flipping through the huge March 2012 issue checking out all the ads, and I’m totally obsessed with the new Louis Vuitton ad. I love their oversized buttons  that they put on just about everything the best. They are so chic and so vintage. I love it.
I think that vintage is going to be very trendy for this summer. I’ve been seeing it all over in the magazines, on blogs, on TV. It’s consists of light colors, flare jeans, chunky shoes, flowy dresses, crochet tops. I think that they are pulling pieces for numerous decades, but I feel as though a lot of it is coming for the 70’s.
Elle has a nice spead of pictures about the trend if you need inspiration, but you could also pick up just about any magazine and I can guarantee they will feature something from the 70’s if you need some inspiration.
Let me know what you think of this trend.
Be sure to check out the Louis Vuitton ad too.

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