When I first saw the TV commercial for what JCPenny was doing new, I was very intrigued. I knew I wanted to check it out at some point within the next month or so. Then I got the ad booklet for what exactly was happening  new in the store, and what the prices were, which is when I knew I had to get there ASAP!
I went today with mi madre to check everything out, and we were literally in there for about two hours. I picked out the most clothes than I had ever before at JCPenny, and everything was reasonably priced maybe even better.
Here’s how it works they are switching to everyday low prices and those prices will be in white. The color red is the months sales, and every first and third Friday of the month they have markdowns which will be in blue. Plus if you are signed up for their rewards they are planning on still sending you the coupons (depending on what your signed up for) we normally get the free $10 JCP cash every couple of months as well as $10 off $25.
One of the first items that I picked out was a cape. Now I have been looking for a cape for just about ever so I was very excited that I had found one, and that it was on the reduced rack. It isn’t a cape that I can wear in the cold winter mots, but I will deninitely be wearing it this Spring, and again when Fall rolls back around.
Cape- $5
Next we looked through the accessories, but I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. Then I found this fabulous cross-body bag. It was in a nice shade of blue that I think will work perfect with my Spring wadrobe.
Cross-body- $10
After looking through the purses I noticed the hats. I was trying a few of them on, but my mom wasn’t really into any of them until I put on this cute light brown vintage inspired hat. Which she said she would buy for me if I promised to wear it this week. I of course said yes.
PS on hats- I think we need to bring that into style because they are simply fabulous especially the vintage ones.
Hat- $6
Then we ventured off to shoes. Oh shoes I don’t know what I would do without you. My mom pointed out these 70’s inspired chunky shoes that she told me she had a pair just like when she was in middle school. Apparently she bought them for a wedding, but really wanted to wear them to school becasue she loved them so much; one day she wore a dres and those shoes (hers were in white) to school and all the boy made fun of her because of how fancy her outfit was. I told her they were fab and that she should have saved them for me to wear.
Shoes- $30
The last item that I bought I had wanted to buy about 3 months ago, but didn’t know if I really needed it. Now I do need it. I have spent hours trying to find something professional whether it be a skirt or pants to wear to an interview I have on Friday for a scholarship. I had forgotten about the dress until I saw it today hanging by the return rack. I asked the sales associate if they had anymore and she thought they might have one left. AND GUESS WHAT! It was my size I was so happy. It fit perfect, and now I have something to wear to the interview, and it’s a dress that I can wear out to dinner with the girls or on a date with Steve.
Dress- $5
Another piece of clothing that I bought was a plain dark gray v-neck long sleeve shirt. The one I picked was only $5,but they did have a lot marked down to $2. To me that’s resonable I don’t and am not going to pay more than maybe $7 for plain shirts that I just wear on casual days or for layering.
Check back tomorrow- Something fashion related?
PS I will definately have one video up this weekend so be sure to stop back soon. Oh and I decided that I like my layout so it won’t be changing.


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