Outfit of the day

I have one outfit from Tuesday that I would like to share with you. I styled a simple but flirty tank under the infamous leather jacket. I have been obsessed with leather jackets lately. I pair them with anything and everything. They are comfortable and they match everything. They are perfect!
If you don’t have a leather jacket I suggest you invest in one. I would suggest getting a quality one first in just a neutral color such as brown or black, whichever you think will match better with your clothes. Look for them on sale too, I luckly found this one at Wilson Leather in an outlet for about $40 (can’t remeber for sure). Look for one with a good structure and seams that form your body to give you an hourglass figure. Also try to find one that shows off your particular style. Mine has zippers on the sleeves and a fun pattern on the inside that I exposed by folding over my sleeves.
They also sell leather jackets at place such as Forever 21. I have one from Forever 21 that I really do love, but you can clearly tell it’s not real leather and I’m not sure how long it will really last me. I do; however, recommend checking out Goodwill. My friend found a fabulous jacket real leather jacket at Goodwill for $50. Now you might think that’s alot of money to cash out at a thrift store, but it was a really nice looking jacket, she could tell it was real leather, and it was in a neutral color (black). That jacket will probably last for about… ever.
Jacket- Wilson Leather
Tank- Pacsun
Cami- Aeropostale
Jeans- A&F
Shoes- Target
Check back tomorrow for: Review/about JCPenny’s new promotions
P.S. I plan to update/redo my blog’s layout and everything thing tonight so be sure to check that out when you stop back tomorrow.

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