What Not to Wear

Today has been a marathon of What Not to Wear episodes on TLC, which is one of my favorite shows so you can assume that I have been watching it all day. It is leading up to the new episode on tonight at 8 or 9, which I will catch the rerun of after work. But watching all these episodes has inspired me to post about all the tips I have learned from watching the show over the years.
Tip 1 is their infamous cost per wear equation. How many times in the next 6 months will you really wear that item or Price divided by # of times you will wear it. If there are numerous times then the cost per wear will be low if not then it will be high. If you can afford the cost per wear then you should buy it. I think you should use this with expensive items as well as with items you buy in a thrift store.
Tip 2 is about being age appropiate. They always talk about  dressing your age since a lot of the people are on the show because they are dressing too young. My personal belief is that you should not be shopping in the juniors department or junior stores after (the latest) age of 20. There are so many fabulous stores, and clothes that are offered to adults I don’t know why people are shopping in the juniors departments if they aren’t a junior themself.
Tip 3 is about fit. And I’m considering doing a whole post about fit because there are so many different body types, but there is a way to fit them all perfectly. I think that one important concept that goes along with fit is accepting your body for the way it is now, and you will begin to see how clothes really fit on your body.
Tip 4 is easy and very self expainatory. TRY EVERYTHING ON. Even if you don’t think it will fit or doens’t look good on the hanger try it on because you will never know how it will fit your body until you do.
Tip 5 is their most imporant tip and it is what the show is all about; make time for yourself. No matter what age you are you need to take the time out to look good because you will feel better about yourself. Take the time to look your best in the morning, exercise, eat healthy, and go shopping for new clothes for youself.
Those are few tips I’ve picked up for Stacy and Clinton over the years hope you find them helpful.

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