Happy Thanksgiving everyone, but more impotantly happy day before Black Friday! I’m so excited my mom and I are going to Target at midnight for the Kindle. I’m also hoping to get the Eyes Lips Face 144 palet eye shadow, a robe, and some Christmas items that I need to get for other people. This is the first black friday in two years that I don’t have to work the morning shift so I can go get all the early deals at midnight.
I also have an outfit of the day for you; it was what I wore to Thanksgiving dinner with Steven’ family. My family and I don’t really do a whole lot for Thanksgiving it’s normally just my family which includes my mom, my dad, and me. This year Steven will be joining us too, but we arn’t doing it until Saturday becuase of my work scheudal.I think this skirt is perfect for a holiday party with the family because it’s a little longer. I paired it with a bright pink to top to give it some color. Then just a simple black cardign to pull everything together. The mini purse that I’m carrying was suppose to be a Christmas present, but I forgot to bring home a matching purse from school so my mom let me have it early. Thanks mom. The shoes are Nine West from a resale shop in my home town; they just have a little kitten heel on them about 1 inch.
My outfit
Top- Francesca’s
Skirt- Kohl’s
Cardign- My  mom’s
Shoes- Resale shop
Purse- Kohl’s
Steven’s Outfit
Everything down to his shoes was thrifted
from Goodwill or St. Vinny
Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what you’re looking for this Black Friday.

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