Vintage Love

I adore vintage clothes.
I got this white blazer last week during a vintage sale at my school. It was only $5; I wish I would have got more, but I went at the end so there wasn’t that much to choose from. The shoes they had though were to die. I would have bought a pair, but they were too small. Though I was considering buying them just to have in my closet, but I thought they are shoes and they are meant to be worn. I also bought the purse at the same sale for only $2! My shirt is from a local vintage store. I love it for the fall because of the color and because of the collar that ties. Bows around your neck are one of my October Trends.
Styling vintage can be quite tricky sometimes. You don’t want to over do it or it will look like a costume. There are ways that you can wear vintage head to toe and still look modern. I don’t have vintage pieces for my bottom half, so today I just wore some.
Styling Tip-
When wearing vintage try to keep at least one piece modern.
I picked jeans to wear with my vintage; it also kept the outfit casual for school.
Styling Tip-
Another way to keep your vintage outfit from looking too outdated
is by wearing vintage inspired clothes or accessories.
My ring is vintage inspired and totally goes with this outfit,
but it gives the outfit a modern edge.
Hope you enjoyed the outfit.
Let me know what you think.



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