Curling iron/wand

Today I have an outfit for you and a recomendation for a curling iron/wand.
First the curling iron. I got it a couple weeks ago because I needed one to take with me to college. It has a mini clip on it for curling your hair like a curling iron, but it also has the spiral going down it to curl your hair like a wand.
I have used it before to just curl my hair, but today was the first day I tried using it as a wand and I loved it. It works so well either way you use it. I especially like it because I have long hair and it is made with an extra long barrel. Plus the spiral on it makes it easier to use as a wandAnd guess how much I paid for it… $15. I know it was a crazy deal, I got mine at Shopko, but I’ve seen this one at Target and I’m sure Walmart will have it too.
That’s how my hair turned out with using the curling iron as a wand.
I think it gives it more of an effortless curl.

Now on to the Outfit. It’s getting pretty cold where I live, so I thought it was time to break out the leather jacket. I got this last yeat in April for my birthday, and I havn’t got to wear it much because it wasn’t the right weather for it.
I paired my leather jacket with a lace blouse, skinny jeans, and my favortie new booties.
Nothing in my outfit was thrifted today, but the leather jacket I practically stole; it was on sale for only $30.
haha, sorry for the messy bed.

Leather Jacket- Wilsons Leather
Lace Blouse- Forever 21
Jeans- Pacsun
Booties- Kohls

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