So I just got these new little booties and I absolutely adore them! They are so comfortable that I could walk a million miles in them and they are just so chic. Since fall is coming we now have to worry about warmth, and these shoes do the trick. The price was reasonable too, I got them for $17 at Kohl’s, but I had $30 in Kohl’s cash or they would have been $47 which isn’t too bad; but I did see them on sale for $32 the weekend before so if that’s a little out of your price range I’d suggest waiting for another sale or putting them on your Christmas list becaues I know I’ll still be rocking them in winter too. They are perfect for Fall because of the color and wedge, but they also have a grip bottom which is in style right now as well as perfect for the seasons that are ahead of us.
I wore them both nights this weekend; Friday I had a family dinner and Saturday I went out to dinner with my parents, so the outfits are a little more casual but you could dress these up or down.
They are just so perfect.

Friday night family dinner.

Candid shots are always the best.

Saturday night dinner with my parents.

This is my boyfriend, Steven, and I just wanted to share his outfit of the day too.
This is Friday night.  
He has a very quirky style, but it is very inspiring, so whenever I get pics of his outfits I’ll share them with you.
I think everything from his outfit was thrifted.
Friday Night Outfit
Booties- Kohls $47
Cheetah Blouse- Thrifted $3.99
Pink Tank- JCPenny
Jeans- Pacsun
Purse- Resale
Saturday Night Outfit
Booties- Kohls $47
Sweater- JCPenny
Scarf- JCPenny
Jeans- Pacsun
Purse- Resale


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