So I was shopping at a really niced sized mall, had all the store I love shop at. The first store that I headed to was Sephora becasue I saw in my Allure magazine that they were teaming up with Sephora to do a make-up collection and it looked really nice and was at a very good price of only $34. I havn’t been that into make-up in the past years just the simple mascara and eye liner and cover up but thats about it. Lately though I have been experimenting and watching videos on YouTube and have been feeling inspirted. So I got to the to store and looked around didn’t see it anywhere so I asked the clerk and I got the last one!!!!! I was soo pumped espically since it has been a very stressful week (with moving into college).
Now off the next store Bakers Shoes. A funky shoe store where I have bought some of my homecoming shoes (although Aldo Shoes will always be number one in my heart), anyway I had a coupon for 20% off my purchase that I found in a Seventeen magazine and in the ad they had the cutest pair of leapord oxfords and I got get them for only $40 with my discout. Well… they didn’t work out not with my style of body they just looked funny, but thats not the disappointment part of this story.
Forever 21 is right next to Bakers and I wanted to stop in just because you can always find cute clothes shoes and jewelry there no doubt. Well I found a few things and my guest that came shopping with me was getting tired like I said before it had been a long week, so I just grabed the few items I had and went back to the dressing room, but on the way back there I saw THE cutest wedges ever.

Yes I know adorable and they’ve had a different version of these (last year?) and when I saw them online they only had a size 6, but that was last year and this is this year. So I grabed an 8 right away and flew into the fitting room to try them on with the jeans I had. Well they didn’t fit the best and I asked my guest to go and try to find a larger size, she looked and even asked the clerk for help, which after about a few minutes I figured. Then a different worker told us to check online, which of course I was already thinking of doing the second I got home, and she said they would have more variety of sizes which brought my hopes up. Then as I was going to put stuff away I saw a few scattered around the store with no doubt in my mind that they were going to have a larger size. Buttttttttttt they didn’t, with still hope in the back of my mind that I can just order them online. (ps I even tried on different size 8’s to see if one was stretched out or just made bigger.) Only to get home and find out that they only go up to 8 online.
I wanted to share my disappointment with you, but also share this adorable pairs of shoes so if they fit you get them they were only $27.80 and very cute. I will just be a big jelly belly without leapord wedges. Here’s the link…
F21 Wedges

Love, Rachel

P.S. I didn’t spell check this I’m so exhausted, but I really wanted to share my story. Goodnight.


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