I had a wedding this past Saturday and I just wanted to share some pictures of the outfit that I wore.

Just me on the way to the wedding.

Had to take one without the shoes, so he could prove that he was taller than me.
I absolutly LOVED the shoes I wore but I had to bust out the Dr. Scholls flats toward the end of the night.
I got mine at Walmart they were only about $10 and came in a cute little gold case, I would definitetly recommend them to anyone!
Got the inspiration for my hair from one of my summer Seventeen magazines. I thought it was perfect for this outfit becasue the shirt had a really pretty ruffle detail that I wanted to show off in the back. Except I pinned some of my bangs up because it just wasn’t working out for me to leave them all down.
Details of my jewelry. I tried to keep every piece I wore simple but flashy.
Simply Vera by Vera Wang bracelet from Kohl’s, I love that it has so many different pieces to it, that makes it able to go with a lot of different outfits.

This was my grandmothers ring, none of my aunts wanted it, so they let me have it. I am in love with it. They all thought it was too big and I think that it could be bigger.
My fake chanel earrings, someday I will own a real pair, but for now I’m fine with my $10 pair.
Outfit Details:
Top- Francesca’s
Skirt- Platos closet (originally from F21)
Shoes- Kohl’s Simply Vera
Tank- Aeropostale

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