Lace Shorts

On my latest shopping venture there were two main trends that I wanted to get the first being skirts and the second was lace shorts. I noticed that the lace shorts were really popular in all the summer magazines and that they could be dressed up or dressed down, so I thought not only would they be perfect for summer but also for a back to school trend.
And I was very determined to find some, that when I found a cute pair at the first store I headed straight for the dressing room, but coming out a little disapointed. They were a very flowy pair, and yet the middle butt seam was very tight (even in a size larger). Also not to mention that they were completely see through not even the nude underwear could fix it. I was not going to let the first pair ruin my spirts about finding a great pair of lace shorts though.
And at the next store I struck gold! I found 4 pairs and was feeling very positive that at least one of these had to fit. Well was I oh so wrong. The sizes were not consistent at all. Almost every short I grabed was a different size and for the ones that were too small they only had smaller sizes and the ones that were too big they only had larger sizes. And almost all the other stores I check didn’t have any.
Even though I didn’t find my perfect pair that round I’m still looking, so I wanted to share some tips and tricks I learned when shopping for them:

1. Most important! DO NOT SETTLE for a pair that don’t fit properly, are see through, don’t flatter your body type, or just arn’t comfortable to move in. Fashion is meant to have fun with and if they don’t fit or look terriable on you, you won’t be having fun and you won’t ever wear them. Also be careful with the color some whites may wash you out (it wasn’t a big issue for me though).

2. Like I said before don’t settle, there are many different styles of lace shorts I tried on ones that almost looked to be a skirt to ones that were just short shorts made of lace.

3. Don’t be afraid to go up a size, most lace shorts arn’t too stretchy like jeans or shorts are. They will look 2 billion times better if you just go up a size then to have things buldging or popping out. (that goes for anything not just lace shorts!)

4. I would advise actucally going to the store and trying them on because of all the different ones I’ve tried
on were not consistent with what I would normally buy in a jean size at that store. Unless you see a great pair online and the store has an awesome return policy just in case they don’t work.

5. And with any trend your trying don’t get bummed if it doesn’t fit right or they don’t have your size. We’ve all been there it feels like the end of the world until you go into the next store and find something 20 times cuter. Also if the whole trend just isn’t working out for your body type or personality make it your own and think outside the box, maybe try a lace skirt or dress.

Hope you enjoyed my shopping experience and tips.

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