So I know that jeans would be the logical bottom to buy for back to school, but I’m totaly obsessed with skirts at the moment. Since I already have about all the jeans in the world, and pairing a cute shirt with jeans everyday can get kind of old. I thought I needed something different on the bottom…

Its seems that every back to school season I get obsessed with one piece of an outfit and last year it was jeans, but this year I have this crazy obsession with skirts and I just went on a shopping spree and by far Foverever 21 had the best selection for skirts. They had so much varitey in the colors, patterns, shapes, and they were very reasonably priced. The most expensive one I got was only $14.80. Skirts are soooo versitle you can dress them up or down, wear them during the day or night, plus they can work for all seasons, and not to mention they have that cool girl style about them. I went from having only 3 to having 13 for my back to school looks. Everyone knows that a good pair of jeans can be kind of pricey.. not the case with skirts you can find great ones for a great price. One place besides Forever 21 that I found had a nice selection of skirts was Plato’s Closet its a resale shop so it does kind of depend on what they get for that season. I found 3 really great ones there and one even still had the origonal F21 price tag on it.

Target had skirts on sale for only $10 this week, and I was pumped. Well I went there today and I was not impressed. They were very thin and weren’t very comfortable because of that. They showed off underwear lines and were just too stretchy. I didn’t end up getting any, but they are having a great shoe sale going on right now everything is 30%- 50% off.. I got 2 pairs flats for $9 and wedges for $12.

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hope to see you soon.



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