July’s Picks

Here’s my Top 10 July 2011 picks from magazines, within the next month I’ll be featuring theses trends in outfits of the day, so stop back soon.

1. Lacy… anything. but especially shorts. Lulus.com has some cute lace shorts and skirts this month.

2. Hats… either go small and cute like a fedora or huge and floppy. Check out Target or TJ Maxx.

3. Cutsey Hair Pieces… bows or clips. I’ve seen a few cute ones at Target, but it’s better when you find them at random places they are just more unique that way.

4. Beatles Boots… Marie Claire (July 2011) had a page about them. They are obviously inspired by the Beatles and they are a low-cut boot. F21 has a few like the ones below.

5. Cheetah Flats or Kitten Heels… totally cute and chic plus comfortable. Check out F21.

6. Beachy Hair… is always in style for a cute summer look. I’ve seen some 2 prong curlers though I’m not really sure where to get a good one yet, I’m going to be on the look. I would guess a beauty store like Sally Hansen or maybe even Target or Wal-Mart.

7. Funky Nails… Glamour (July 2011) had a really neat spread on them and how to do them.

8. Dressing for YOUR body type not all the trends… though trends are something that we should try to follow not all of them look good on everyone’s body and if one doesn’t look good on you just try the next.

9. Looking at the mannequins for outfit advice… Glamour (July 2011) couldn’t have been any more right, there should be no shame in it, it’s what they are there for right?

10. Freebies/DIY… Facebook, Twitter, E-Mails, Websites all offer free coupons for trying a product all you have to do it like them or follow them. Do It Yourself a lot of magazines have a page or two about simple projects that are in trend for you to do at home.

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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